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Dream Entry Company Overview Founded in Oct. 2007, Dream Entry is in the go education business of new concept using its self-developed Color Go Stone and genius game. Dream Entry which is a combination of the words of 'Dream' and 'Entry - entrance and participant', meaning 'people achieving dreams' is establishing a network by running a franchise business of go academies in Korea while aiming to set up a meeting plaza for children in the world through a continuous exchange of go by establishing sisterhood relationship with children go clubs in each nation and holding goodwill games among them. We held a goodwill go game on Aug. 6, 2008 by inviting Smart Go College of Hong Kong to Korea, one of our sisterhood go clubs. Dream Entry was awarded a grand prize in the area of the genius education of the Famous Brand Awards hosted by and also in the area of the genius education of the P.T.S Top Brand hosted by Sports Seoul. Dream Entry possesses original manufacturing technology for the transparent Color Go Stone. The transparent Color Go Stone with four different colors is more transparent than any others with the application of tempered glass material for the first time in Korea and is healthful due to the bio ingredients contained in it. A domestic patent was also applied for the product. Together with the Color Go Stone, Dream Entry also manufactures and exports Go Board, Kids Genius Training Aid, and Genius Go Game. Goodwill Interchange Game with Smart Go College of Hong Kong on Aug. 6, 2008 Neither language nor capability was important. The children from both countries could have conversation with each other and express themselves through go and gestures. Sum Felix, the president of Smart Go College teaches over 1,000 students in the go club. He regularly visit Korea with his students every year and has his students learn the top-rated Korean Go while trying to make pleasant memories to them.

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  • Company NameDREAM ENTRY
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  • LocationSouth Korea
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  • PresidentSHIM JUNG SOOK
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  • Address705 Jeil Plaza 853-2, jung-dongGiheung-Gu, Yongin Si, GYEONGGI-DO, 449-916KOREA
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